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Ultima Derma-pen

Ultima Derma-pen

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Key Benefits:

  • Salon-Quality Hair
  • Effortless Styling
  • Travel-Friendly Design
  • Suitable for Every Hair Type

Product Details

The Ultimas M8 is a wireless microneedling device. (transdermal biostimulation). Microneedling has been extensively studied, therefore published reports describe its clinical efficacy, treatment techniques and histological techniques. The best described indication for microneedling are acne scars, periorbital and perioral wrinkles, sagging skin, post-traumatic and burn scars.

- Rechargeable wireless equipment
- Six adjustable penetration speeds
- Adjustable depth (0.25mm - up to 2.5mm)
- 16-pin security cartridges
- Cartridges with thinner 34G needles
- Equipment of aluminum and titanium

Specific applications

- Stimulation growth factors
- Increase and improve collagen and elastin
- Rejuvenation and hydration of the skin
- Regeneration of new and healthy cells
- Improves the appearance of the skin

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