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Vibrating Massage Ball

Vibrating Massage Ball

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Key Benefits:

  • Salon-Quality Hair
  • Effortless Styling
  • Travel-Friendly Design
  • Suitable for Every Hair Type

Product Details

A self-heating, vibrating, massage therapy ball  developed by researchers, health practitioners, engineers and professional athletes. The Meteor is designed to facilitate muscular recovery and help reduce chronic pain.

Do you remember the last time you bumped your head? Your first reaction was probably to start rubbing the spot that you bumped. That's because stimulating the mechanoreceptors in your skin helps block pain signals and provides a soothing effect! Vibration therapy (at the right frequencies and amplitudes) can produce the same effect but significantly amplified. This phenomena is called "Gate Control Theory". The vibration from the Meteor is perfectly calibrated to help reduce pain with lasting effects.

In addition to stimulating the nerves in your skin, vibration at the right frequencies can also stimulate your bodies central nervous system.  This helps "wake up" your bodies natural healing process, speeding up recovery and relaxing your muscles. This is the same reason that cat purrs and monks saying "oms" is therapeutic... both create vibrations that stimulate our central nervous system! The Meteor has been shown to reduce muscle stiffness by 50% in only 30 seconds of use.

But what is rolling out and why should you be doing it?

 Think of rolling out your muscles as a way to get some of the benefits of a deep tissue massage on your own (without the need of a massage therapist).  

Rolling out has been shown to have many benefits including, reducing muscle tension and increasing range of motion. As a result, rolling out has become a daily recovery routine for millions of people around the world. 
With it's perfect size and the addition of heat and vibration, the Meteor takes rolling out to a whole new level.

Unlike most other heated massage balls that require the use of a microwave, the Meteor's heat can go with you anywhere. In addition to feeling soothing and relaxing, The Meteor's heat accelerates the delivery of healing enzymes and carries away the negative byproducts of recovery in muscles, speeding up your recovery and pain relief.

The Meteor is the worlds most effective and versatile tool for rolling out.

  • Ultrasoothe Vibration Technology
  • Up to 8 hours of Total Battery Life & USB-C Charging
  • Patented
  • Four Vibration Levels


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